Registration Help

Please note that NZ Football pay people to help with your Comet registration issues.  We know it can be painful so we appreciate you reading the tips below and logging a support issue with them if the issue is with Comet (email  You can appreciate our rego coordinator can be busy at the start of the year with 300 of you registering!

Registrations for 2024 are now OPENclosed for all ages except Mini-Kickers.

Registrations for 2023 are now closed for all ages.  If you still wish to register please email the Registration Coordinator, with your child's name and date of birth and we'll see what we can do.   Please do not use the Comet Registration unlessyou've been asked to do so by the Registration Coordinator.

Registrations are now closed. 

When you are ready ... click this MyComet Login link to start your registration ... 

Tip: You need your player’s NZF number like this, 1384217 as the username to login, so best if you can find that in your emails first. If not, use the ‘forgot password’ link on the login page, enter your email address and it will send you a new password.  

Mycomet has made some upgrades which now means you can link multiple children under one account. You will no longer need to login separately for multiple children.

The rest of this page has not yet been updated for 2024...

At the bottom of this page is a Step By Step guide.  Also a section for what to try when you are having trouble, but Here are the basics ...

  • If your child has played football in the last 3 years (anywhere in NZ), they will already have a MyComet profile. If necessary, click on "Forgot User Name/Password", do not set up a new profile.  Note that you can enter your email address and it will send you all profiles associated with that email address.  Remember it might be associated with a partner's email address or an old email address.  If you can't access the email address any more then email the NZ Football help email below and they'll convert the profile to the new email address.
  • Your username for each player is a 7 digit number e.g. 1234567, but your password is likely to be one that you have set.  It is required to have at least one: uppercase letter, lower case letter, number, symbol and be 8 characters or more.
  • If you are setting up a new profile, do not enter your own details, except in the field marked "Parent/Guardian". You are setting up a profile for the player, not yourself.  This is often the reason it says you can't add that 'product' to your shopping cart.
  • If you have more than one child playing football, each player will each need their own separate profile. So you need to enter the next child's name and use the 'Sign Up' button rather than the Login button. You can use the same email address for each child's profile.
  • If you are setting up a new profile, be sure to note the user name and password so you can use it again through the season or next year.
  • Alternative to Registering on Comet for those requiring a payment plan or alternative payment option:  Comet requires payment in full at time of registration and if the payment does not succeed then you have NOT registered (we won't know you are wanting to play for us!).  So please email the Registrations Coordinator ( with your child's full name, date of birth, email and a contact phone number to ask about payment options OR let us know that you tried to register on Comet. 

I'm having trouble with MyComet...

    Registration Help  - Please try these steps if you are having trouble registery with MyComet (the system run by NZ Football to take our club and every club's registrations):

    • #1 Tip: Use a computer - if you are having trouble doing it on your phone then using a laptop/computer may help!  Sometimes it is hard to find buttons on the app on your phone.

    • #2 Tip: Did you enter your date of birth rather than your child's?  That's often the reason it says you are not elligible to select the product for the kids team.

    • Check this out help and video  How to Register​​​​​​​
    • Here is the Registrations Frequently Asked Questions
    • Contact NZ Football Registrations by email ( which will log a support ticket with them - they are paid to help you!  Be sure to tell them what is working or isn't.  Saying just "I'm having trouble" is very hard to work with.

    After trying the above steps, if you're still getting nowhere, then please email our Registrations Coordinator Sebastiaan  with what you've tried and what is failing. BUT please understand that the NZ Football link above is manned by paid people.  We have over 300 members so our Volunteer Reg Coordinator can't possibly help everyone :-)

    You may also register at the Registration day or the Junior Muster - you still have to do it in MyComet but we can help you through the process.  Dates will be announced on Facebook.

    How to Register - Step by Step Guide

    Register Now - click this MyComet Login to start your registration ... 

    1. Click the Register Now button which will take you to the MyComet login. 
      • Important: Hopefully at this point your phone/computer remembers your player's username and password.  If not ... note that almost all of you will already have a login.  See Forgot Password tips further up this page.
    2. Login as the child you want to register
      • Please please don't register to MyComet with your name, the login belongs to each player in the team. You don't want your name read out at trials! Yes you have to repeat this for each child sorry but it is fine to use your email address for multiple players.
      • Tip: Look at the Personal Info menu item to see which player name you are logged in for
    3. Click on the Menu icon if the menu is not open on the left hand side.
    4. Click the Register Players menu option, then Football
    5. You should now see a screen like this listing the 'products' you can buy.  On mobile screens you'll need to scroll down a bit. 

    6. Check it says Katikati FC Inc at the top as the club filter.  For those who've previously registered at another club it will say the old club name here.  You'll need to change it to Katikati FC Inc.  You don't need to unregister at the old club, just register with us (note this is blocked if you still owe money at the old club).
    7. Select the correct product for your player. 
      • Tip: The Product Types are confusing .. so look at the product "Name" field and locate the year your player was born.  If you find it too confusing  this helpful table might help you work out what age and grade your player is.
    8. Click on the Add to Cart button for the appropriate product.
      • For First XI/U19 Players, please note that your subs are $110. When you register select the Youth $110 not the $100 product. If your player does not make the team we will refund the $10 difference .

    9. Click the Shopping Cart button on the top right and select 'Proceed to Checkout'
    10. Click the Age Confirmation to continue
    11. You'll now be taken to the credit card payment system to complete the transaction.   Tip: If anything goes wrong in this last step you'll still be registered, so don't add the product to cart again.  When the issue is sorted you can locate it as an Unpaid Invoice and pay it there.  
    12. Thanks - that player is registered! 

    Junior and Youth Ages and Grades Confusing?  Use this helpful table:  

    Tip - use the year your player was born for most football things!

    Other notes on Registrations and Forming Teams: 

    • Naming confusion NZF and the Junior Football Framework use the following names for the grades: 4th-6th Grades - "First Kicks",  7th-8th Grades - "Fun Football", 9-12th - "Mini Football" and 13th plus - "Youth Football".  Unfortunately our club has always referred to 3-7 year olds as Minis.   We've now changed this to Mini-Kickers to try to avoid the confusion. Confused by all this?  We are often too ... so here is a helpful table.
    • Grade vs Child Age What do we mean by 12th Grade?   Mostly we try to talk about Grade X or the year the player was born rather than the child's age.   Grade is the age the child is turning during the calendar year (starting Jan 1).  As an example,  if your child is turning 12 during the year they would be 12th Grade.  They would also be Under 13 if that naming system is used (and in 2022 a 12th grade player would also have been born in 2010).
    • Forming Teams Policy Every year it is a very tricky job to form teams so that no registered player misses out and so that as much as possible all players are playing in an appropriate team for them.   To help everyone understand the challenges last year we made this guide to forming teams.   Also note that NZ Football has now changed its policy on trials for those 12 and under, refer McDonald's Junior Football - Team Grading and Formation.​​​​​​​  We have an opening for a Junior & Youth Coordinator, so the first point of contact for queries regarding Junior and Youth Football and teams is the Club Secretary:​​​​​​​