Referees & Rules


We don't currently have a referree coordinator - for any questions email the club secretary

Managers - it is your job to organise a referee for home games.  If you would like a Koha ref (see below for how Koha refs work), please ask on the KKFC Coaches & Managers facebook group before the end of Wednesday each week.  The committee will do what they can  to help but can't promise someone.

Every team should have at least one Community Ref, so please encourage parents and older players to do the online course.   Note: If you don't have a CR then the oposition is welcome to insist on using their CR for the whole game whether home or away.

Referee Courses

These are available online for the Community (CR) level and sometimes there are group options in person (would be advertised on our club Facebook page).   

You can pay a small fee ($5) and do the course online yourself at any time.  Follow the WaiBOP links here to sign up on Comet.  Then they will email you a login to do the course - it can take up to two weeks.  The club is happy to consider paying for ref courses on a case by case basis. Please contact the secretary before paying if you wish the club to consider paying for you.


  • The login on comet should be for you (the person doing the course) not your child.  You may need to make a new login with your own name and date of birth!
  • If you can't see the Ref Course product to 'buy' in comet be sure to select the correct club name.  At times KKFC has been listed twice in the list!

Koha Refs

  • Team Refs - one located by the team from people associated with the team.    
  • Koha Refs - a ref not associated with the team who is located/assigned by the Ref Coordinator.   
  • Koha refs should be paid by the team Manager at the end of each game.    Suggested rate: $15 for a CR and $10 for a non qualified ref.
  • The Manager/Coach needs to let players/parents know (ideally before game day) that a Koha Ref has been provided and all players are expected to contribute (say a gold coin) towards payment.
  • Why do we pay Koha Refs?   Because we are a club of volunteers and we need to encourage parents and players to take part in the running of the games and club.  Most teams should have a ref associated with them, but where this isn't possible then we provide the Koha Ref option, but at a small cost.   The money helps us to encourage people to ref for other teams, and reminds those associated with a team to contribute in kind, but if not, then with money.

NOTE: The below links are not yet updated for the 2023 season!

WaiBOP rules and grade information:

The WaiBOP links are currently:

7th, 8th Grades & U8 Girls

9th, 10th Grades & U10 Girls

11th, 12th Grades & U13 Girls

Youth (13, 14/15, U19)

Most of the junior links can be found from this page: Click here

Here they are readable on this page:

IMPORTANT - These are the rules for Baywide Youth Boys and Girls - i.e. our U19 Prems and First XI Girls:   This is Appendix 3 of the Senior/Youth rules.