Play Football 2024

This page has lots of information on playing football at all grades.  (Scroll down) Please also see our Important Dates page.

Note: This page is still being updated for 2024

Registrations for 2024 are now open for all ages.

Registrations for 2023 are now closed for all ages except Mini-Kickers (born 2020-2016).  If you still wish to register please email the Registration Coordinator, with your child's name and date of birth and we'll see what we can do.   Please do not use the Comet Registration link below unless for a Mini-Kicker or you've been asked to do so by the Registration Coordinator.

Registrations: OPEN   Click this to start Comet registration...*

Registration Notes: ​​​​​​​

  • NOTE: If you are having trouble registering ... see our special Registration Help page - NZFootball pay people to help you, please use our tips and their service  - our rego coordinator is busy with 300 of you registering and we know Comet can be painful :-)
  • Use this helpful table to work out what age and grade your player is.
  • *Alternative to Registering on Comet for those requiring a payment plan or alternative payment option: Comet requires payment in full at time of registration and if the payment does not succeed then you have NOT registered (we won't know you are wanting to play for us!).  So please email the Registrations Coordinator ( with your child's full name, date of birth, email and a contact phone number to ask about payment options OR let us know that you tried to register on Comet. 

How to Register

  1. Click the Register Now button which will take you to the MyComet login. 
    • Important: Hopefully at this point your phone/computer remembers your player's username and password.  If not ... note that almost all of you will already have a login, so see the Registration Help page for suggestions on how to proceed.  
  2. Login as the child you want to register
    • Please please don't register to MyComet with your name, the login belongs to each player in the team. You don't want your name read out at trials! Yes you have to repeat this for each child sorry but it is fine to use your email address for multiple players.
    • Tip: Look at the Personal Info menu item to see which player name you are logged in for
  3. Click on the Menu icon if the menu is not open on the left hand side.
  4. Click the Register Players menu option, then Football
  5. You should now see a screen like this listing the 'products' you can buy.  On mobile screens you'll need to scroll down a bit. 

  6. Check it says Katikati FC Inc at the top as the club filter.  For those who've previously registered at another club it will say the old club name here.  You'll need to change it to Katikati FC Inc.  You don't need to unregister at the old club, just register with us (note this is blocked if you still owe money at the old club).
  7. Select the correct product for your player. 
    • Tip: The Product Types are confusing .. so look at the product "Name" field and locate the year your player was born.  If you find it too confusing  this helpful table might help you work out what age and grade your player is.
  8. Click on the Add to Cart button for the appropriate product.
    • For First XI/U19 Players, please note that your subs are $110. When you register select the Youth $110 not the $100 product. If your player does not make the team we will refund the $10 difference .

  9. Click the Shopping Cart button on the top right and select 'Proceed to Checkout'
  10. Click the Age Confirmation to continue
  11. You'll now be taken to the credit card payment system to complete the transaction.   
    Tip: If anything goes wrong in this last step you'll still be registered, so don't add the product to cart again.  When the issue is sorted you can locate it as an Unpaid Invoice and pay it there.  If stuck see the Registration Help page
  12. Thanks - that player is registered! 

Please Register Soon! 

If you register on time, we can almost always find a team for you. If you register too late, we can't guarantee placement in a team. Cut off dates:

  • For First XI, U19 Selection - We prefer you to register before you trial
  • For all Grades 8 and up - Registrations close noon, Sunday 24th March. 
  • Mini-Kickers may accept registrations after the 24th March.


We welcome anyone wishing to play football to our club. We run Mini-Kickers Grades 4-6, Junior Grades 7-19 and Seniors.

Junior Football - Ages 7 -19   

Junior/Youth Registrations for 2021 are Closed.  You may contact the registration person to discuss if there are any places still available in teams. 

We typically have teams sorted before the school holidays at the end of Term 1 and games run through terms two and three.

Our premier U19 boys and girls teams typically have trials early March.  We will also have a physical muster for all junior teams. Dates and times will be announced on our club  facebook page.

Having issues registering or need to talk to someone? - see the help section below.

Junior Football - "Mini-Kickers" (previously called "First Kicks" or Minis) - Ages 3 - 6 (incl. 4th-7th Grade - First Kicks)

First Kicks (Minis) Registrations for 2021 are closed:  If you are interested please contact the coordinator Caroline on

Note: Typically this is a fun filled programme in terms 2 and 3 at Moore Park. A few Saturdays or Sundays each season games are scheduled with other local clubs, so on these 'game days' play may be at one of the other local clubs.  Refer to our facebook page for game day announcements.

Runs on: - Sunday Mornings at 9.30am from xxx.  

For players born 2016 to 2020 (grades 3-7).  Please note that parental participation is REQUIRED for grades 3 & 4 (born 2019 2020).

First Kicks Contact Caroline 027 551 5589 or email:

Having issues registering or need to talk to someone? - see the help section below.

Junior and Youth Ages and Grades look like this.  Tip - use the year your player was born for most football things!


Senior Football - Men

Play football with a great bunch of lads aging from 18 to 40yrs old. Katikati senior men's football are starting their pre-season training every

Thursday night from 6.30pm till 8.00pm at Moore Park.

We are able to cater to various levels of ability. We are a friendly team and welcome all. Katikati men currently play in the Bay 1 division. Come on down and ask for Sebastiaan, or make your self-known to one of the players. We look forward to seeing you.

For more info email Sebastiaan on

Senior Saturday Registrations are closed - please contact Avi ASAP if you wish to play Saturday football.

Social Men's Football (Sunday)

We have two teams of Social men, the Legends and the Warriors.  The teams play in an informal Tauranga Sunday league, generally every second Sunday in the winter school terms. Both have a combined kick around Thursday nights at Moore Park, 6.30-8pm.  All abilities and fitness levels welcome.  No need to register, just come on down.

Contact Legends: Adam - xxxx

Contact Warriors: Reece - 021 112 4035

After training we head to the Talisman Hotel for sponsored refreshments.

Women's Football

We have a small but growing group of social senior women and we are looking to start a Bay Women's team in 2024.   Currently the Bay Women's team have pre-season training on Tuesday nights, 6.30pm at Moore Park.  So come down and ask for Mikayla.  All abilities and fitness levels welcome. No need to register, just come on down.
​​​​​​​Note: We may hold trials for the new women's team in 2023.

Payments & Registration

Most payments should now be made by MyComet.  If you have arranged to pay by online banking, please use the following accounts.  Be sure to provide the player's name in the reference! 

Katikati Inc (Seniors AND Juniors), BNZ Bank 02-0340-0039657-00 

IMPORTANT - note the old Katikati Junior  01 suffix account should not be used.

Note: The social teams have their own bank accounts, please contact the team rep for details.

Subs for 2024:  (per player unless stated)

    Grade 4 First Kicks - $25 
    Grade 5 to 7 Fun Football - $45

Grade 8 to Under 19 excluding 1st XI Teams - $100

1st XI Girls - $110

U19 Premier Boys (1st XI Boys) - $110

Federation Junior - $180

Bay 1 Players - $180

Social Men - $800 per team

Social Women - Excused

Please note: All subs are due at the time of registration, and no player will be placed into a team unless registered. (If you have genuine hardship concerns please contact our registration coordinator to discuss alternate arrangements)

For First XI/U19 Players, please note that your subs are $110. When you register select the Youth $110 product. If your player does not make the team we will reimburse the $10. 

Registration Notes

We welcome anyone wishing to play football to our club. Where you live, where you go to school - it doesn't matter! If you want to play football for Katikati, we'll find a place for you (if you register on time!).  

We also offer girls only teams across many ages, who mainly compete in girls-only competitions.

A few changes have been made around the registration process, so in theory it should be simple. This isn't always the case, so if you have any problems with registering please start by reviewing the information below.


  • For First XI, U19 Selection - We prefer you to register before you trial
  • For all Grades 8 and up - Registrations close noon, Sunday 24th March
  • Mini-Kickers may accept registrations after 24th March.

ow that registrations are cloClick this MyComet Login to start your registration ... sed, please do not register in comet without talking to our coordinator first.  If requested here is a link to comet you can use: 

Other Options for Football:

Summer Soccer - 6-a-side Fun Family Football: 

Details to be advised closer to the date.  Typically runs for 8 weeks in term 4, at Moore Park, Katikati.

Starts Wed 23rd Oct 2019, 6pm-8pm and runs for 8 weeks to Wed 11 Dec 2019 at Moore Park, Katikati.

This competition is run by the Katikati U13 Gunners Federation Football team as a fundraiser to attend tournaments in 2020.

Great fun for families, business colleagues or any group of mates. Squads up to 10 players, no boots, and all teams must have at least two female players on the field at all times.

More info on the rego form and rules below.

Junior/Youth Pre-Season Trainings

Preseason trainings run in term 1.  Generally they run where a coach offers and often for a particular age group.  All pre-season trainings should generally be open to all kids of the age group - a great way to try out football pre-season.

Please see our facebook page for these.

Fed: Please check with other clubs ASAP as Katikati is not offering any fed teams this year.  We are continuing our MOU with Tauranga City AFC. 


Seniors Pre-Season Trainings

Thursday night trainings run all year from 6.30pm till 8.00pm at Moore Park.  Over the summer (pre-season) it is combined across all senior teams -- just a friendly kick around, all in, whoever turns up.  Over the winter the senior men run their own serious training and the social men's teams and the social women's team continue with a mixed kick around.

We are able to cater to various levels of ability. We are a friendly team and welcome all. 

For more info email Avi on or just come down and ask for Reece, Andy or just join in.

Skills Centre: 

We run NZ Football skills centre 'open' programmes for juniors throughout the year.  In Term 1 we are running a Development programme - see the Pre-Season information.


This year the club is working to do more with those in Katikati who lay Futsal.  If you are keen contact the secretary on

Nic also runs an after school futsal fun session on Fridays in the Action Centre - refer

For those at College this is coming up: